Magallanic Lamb

Grass-fed and steroid-free, Magallanic Lamb is a highly prized staple of the Chilean meat industry and a high-volume export to Europe. To preserve the meat’s distinctive flavor and gourmet quality, animals are raised by certificated breeders in the Patagonia (Magallanes region), Chile’s southernmost, largest and second least-populated region.

Nutrition: Studies have shown that, in addition to its succulent flavor and texture, Magallanic Lamb is also higher in protein, iron and zinc, and lower in fat than animals raised in other parts of the world.

Uses: In Chile, a popular way to eat Magallanic Lamb is in cordero al palo (whole roasted lamb), in which the tasty, fire-roasted meat is accompanied by pebre, a local condiment made from pureed herbs, garlic and hot peppers.